Decades ago, when Franklin Planners and others became popular, day planners were little more than portable calendars and notepads. For all the organization they promised to bring to our lives, they also stifled our creativity. They were built for function, not form, were static and confining.  Over the years, most planners have remained largely the same and most of the designs of day planners felt like they were stuck in the 80’s. No wonder many of us abandoned them and turned to our phones to replace them. 

Why would you want to carry a bulky planner when everything can be stored in a single device? Many people seem to agree that phones, for all their gadgety goodness, leave us wanting for more.  Phones often need a battery recharge at just the wrong time, they can get hacked or stolen, and calendar information doesn’t always transfer well when a new phone is purchased. 

Besides the cons of the phone planner, there is the basic appeal of tangible memories over technological memory. We miss the handmade feel; the creativity of doodling and journaling on paper. We place sentimental value on something when we’ve invested time and effort into creating it. Designing a completely original and personal snapshot of your daily life fosters a feeling of happiness and ownership more than any phone calendar could ever give.

With the increased desire for something more creative and visually appealing than a techno-calendar, a new breed of creative planners was born. And they are beautiful. These new creative planners are journals, scrapbooks, note-pads, calendars and more, all in one. Whether you're looking for the perfect A5 Planner, personal sized planner, or a travel planner, you've come to the right place! Browse our Planners here.